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Thursday, July 31, 2003



The other day, I invented the best drink ever. Here's how to make it:


1 oz. Gin
1 oz. Bailey's Irish Cream
1 oz. Creme de Cacao

Shake with ice, serve on the rocks.

This beverage rules. It wins for taste, as well as for potency.

I don't have a name for it. Suggestions are welcome.



Well, some highlights from the trip to Idaho:

-Flew in and out on a little bitty Cessna. Landed on a tiny little airstrip along the river. Fun. After loading us, and our gear, on top of 6 enormous coolers full of crap beer for fat stupid middle-aged rich white guys, the pilot said, "well, I think it will fly like this.." It did.
-Hiked about 11 miles one day. Saw things. Like a raccoon.
-Hiked downstream about 5-6 miles a few days later. Camped. Saw things. Like stars. Lots of stars. Hiked back.
-Went for a dip in the icy river at 6 am.
-Caught a fish with my bare hands (OK, he was old and sickly; even so..) - probably a 14' cutthroat. I have photographic proof of the catch.
-Ate real live indian fry bread made by a real live indian.
-Drank River Margaritas (pour 1 frozen limeade into pitcher, add 1 limeade container-ful of tequila, add 1 beer, stir). Yum.
-Got barfed on.
-Tried to clean up barf. Nearly barfed.
-Watched Abbie clean up barf.
-Chased a horse wearing a cowbell (the horse was wearing the cowbell, not me).
-Kicked a rugby ball (a first).
-Threw a frisbee (not a first).
-Played Settlers of Cataan about 534 times. Won a few.
-Laughed at river guides when they screwed up on wimpy rapids and crashed into rocks.
-Pooped in the woods.
-Split (3-ways) a Tecate that had gotten away from some of the aforementioned white guys. Felt like Junior High.
-Also, drank other stuff.
-Ate alot.
-Pooped alot (because of the previous 2, also because the water out of the tap was suspicious).
-Sweat. Alot. Hot there, man.
-Didn't have electricity, phone, etc.

That's pretty much what happened, though not necessarily in that order.

Idaho is the bestest state I've been in so far, in terms of purdy scenery, etc. At least a tie with Wyoming. Though I only saw most of Montana in the dark. Also may change when I eventually make it to Alaska.


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