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Friday, December 05, 2003


So yesterday I stepped in the bathroom and noticed a splotch of something more like a puddle really that looked like soy sauce or maybe teryaki sauce or maybe even sukiyaki sauce in the shower. this made me nervous and here is my list of suspects:

1) Jen was eating the last of her bean curd with broccoli in the shower to avoid making a mess in the kitchen


2) there is a dead body in the attic that is starting to decompose and melt and leak down


3) those damned Littles

I see now looking closer that it is dripping out of the light socket which is weird and rules out number 1 probably.

Condiments do not belong in the shower. Ever. Please keep them in the fridge from now on please.


Tuesday, December 02, 2003


I got a fat pipe (DSL). 640 kbps. Life is better.




Well...NANOWRIMO is officially over. I didn't get past the aforementioned word count. I guess it was a lack of motivation. In some cases, a lack of time. 'Too much caffeine in my bloodstream, and a lack of real spice in my life.' (Extra credit if you know where that comes from..) Not really a lack of inspiration. I feel like I could easily turn what I've written so far into a novel. In the end, I guess I really couldn't abide by the spirit of NANOWRIMO, which is, basically, "Quantity, not quality." I was shooting for something better than awful. I guess I just feel like that guy in Keep the Aspidistra Flying. A short synopsis, Book-A-Minute-style, for those who haven't read it:

Gordon: "I'm a writer, but I can't write because the man is keeping me down. Also, there is squalor all about me."
(Things get slightly better. Then they get a little worse. Then they get lots worse. Then he moves to the suburbs and gets a crap job in a cubicle.)


A full-text appears, somehow, here.

By the way, that book DOES NOT have a 'hopeful' ending, as some stupid reviewers might have you believe. They obviously didn't get it. It is a tragedy, through and through. And a good one, at that. Painfully dead-on. Check it out, Bennet. I mean it. For real. Seriously.

So. Maybe I will call this National Novel Writing Year for me. And maybe when I get some free time....I know I can do it, but when I actually get some free time, I usually end up playing Bubble Bobble, or Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter. Man. I'm pathetic.

I think I'm more of a short story kind of person, anyway. Maybe I could do some Sherman Alexi-style books that aren't really novels, but have interconnected characters, so that they are almost one big story, but not quite.



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