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Sunday, August 13, 2006


Howdy. So much I haven't said...

1) Good riddance to Joe Lieberman.

2) Israel, Hezbollah has killed 163 of your people, you have killed 1,000 Lebanese (http://www.moiz.ca/coffin.htm), only a portion of which were Hezbollah. You have also destroyed infrastructure such that innocent Lebanese will suffer for years to come, and you have also caused an enormous oil spill that will cripple fishing and tourism industries for years to come. Enough is enough. Knock it off.

3) Google is now giving away a "lite" version of SketchUp. Wow.

4) Blister beetles got my pumpkins. Dammit.

5) Superman Returns. Meh. I think that if Bryan Singer would have just done the 3rd X-Men movie instead, both movies would have benefited.

6) Is the Mission Accomplished yet?

That's all that comes to mind.


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