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Saturday, June 05, 2004


So GHad was talking about his newfound aversion to duck's feet. Never had it. I suspect I would be OK with it. I've never really been creeped out by any food, that I remember. Though I did wrinkle my nose when Nate K. ate raw chicken livers one time. Ewwww.

Last night we ate dinner with Abbzug. She made a kickass pseudo-South African/Indian dish. Had something like apples, currants, rice, cucumber, onion, apricots, and about every spice ever invented (I think I'm missing about 14 other ingredients - the spices were mostly indian-type spices). It was awesome. For appetizers, we had escargot (my idea). Not as good as they were when we made them in Madame's french class and Crumrine ate 23 of them (or something). Then again, it might be because we used the pre-made, packaged herb packet that came with the snails and shells. Real herbs would have been better. But they seemed to have lots of mud in them. I would call it a sandy loam.

Finished it off with a banana cream pie Jen made. She was distraught because it was 'jiggly,' but it tasted good to me.

Yeah. I like all food. I used to not like onions (that was the only thing), but I got over that. I'm almost to the point of being able to eat the type of sandwich my grandpa used to take fishing with him - a ketchup and onion sandwich (exactly what it sounds like). Occasionally he also put Velveeta on it.

I still didn't plant onions in my garden, because onions cost 2ยข anyways. Last time I tried radishes, I didn't really like them, but I think I would now. I'm just about the least picky food person ever (even less than Vrtiska, who once ate a leech, because he doesn't really like bacon). Oh yeah - like Abbie, I don't like mayonnaise. But the reason is more like 'tiska's reason for not liking bacon - 'it's OK..but it's too lardy to be worth it.' So maybe mayonnaise would be the one thing I don't like. Actually, there are lots of things I'm not a big fan of - ketchup, mayonnaise, any 'chicken and rice' dish, twizzlers (I can't even tell what taste it is supposed to be imitating!), and pretty much all bland 'American-style' food, and there's some food I'm opposed to, in general, since it's evil, in one way or another (unsustainable, full of chemicals, etc), like swordfish, Atlantic salmon, Spam, and anything 'Atkins friendly,' but there is really nothing I won't eat.

A list of 'yucky' stuff I like alot:

-canned mollusks (mussels, clams, oysters, etc)



How can you not love this?


How can you not love the sound of this?


Friday, June 04, 2004


To hell with Bush/Cheney '04 or Kerry/Whoever '04.

How about William Shatner/That Guy Who Stood In Front Of The Tanks At Tiananmen Square '04? Now that would be awesome.

(where the hell?)


Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Right now, I am doing the following:

1) Listening to Doc Watson (Trouble in Mind)
2) Baking elk pepperoni (!)
3) Selecting sites for tree coring
4) Reading The Onion
5) Blogging

It's a little something I like to call...manytasking.

But don't get me going on that..I'm in a hurry..


So..The Pixies are back. Huh. I be damned.


Oh man..the little sidebar 'headlines' in this week's The Onion are classics! These are basically just fake headlines they always have on the right - there is no story, but often hilarious pictures. This week's:

Shotgun Blast To Abdomen Just Pisses Wilfred Brimley Off More

New 40-Gigabite iHOP Breakfast Platter Holds Up To 10,000 Pancakes

All Else Fails

I think this is the Jostens representative that came to sell stuff to our class.

(By the way, if you're not a regular, or at least semi-regular, Onion reader, you are probably missing at least half of the humor here)


C'est fini.


Tuesday, June 01, 2004


But first, apologies for the lameness of this blog of late. Been busy and stressed and overwhelmed and everything else.


An Open Letter #1

June 1, 2004

To: My generation's parents, or the children of the greatest generation
From: m

Dear Parents of My Generation,

I wanted to express my gratitude for all you've done for us. Where would my generation be without the innovations of your generation, such as cable television, SUV's, the cubicle, and crack..?

However, I feel it's necessary to express that we will no longer require your opinions on any of the following matters:

1) haircuts
2) the fact that we should get real jobs
3) gay marriages
4) income taxes
5) welfare

I know, I know, you're just trying to help. But 1), just look at yourselves, and 2), well, we'd rather not end up like you - sitting in a small box, inside a big box, starting at a box, all day long, only to go home and stare at a box, until you go to bed, 3) you're just wrong on this one, ok?, 4) if you'd rather not pay income taxes, that's fine, as long as you no longer use things like the interstate highway system, food that is safe to eat, or fire protection services. That's right, next time your house is on fire, you can just put it out yourself with some good old fashioned capitalism - don't be dialing 911. And finally, 5) it's perfectly ok for you to gripe about having to pay taxes to support welfare (even though the amount spent on welfare is about equivalent to the cost of 1 fighter plane), as long as you no longer accept welfare - small business grants and loans, farm subsidies, and the big handouts to corporations that already have too much money.

Again, thanks for everything!



An Open Letter #2

June 1, 2004

To: Those of you who drive giant SUV's back and forth to your job at the bank
From: m
Re: recent gas prices

Dear SUV drivers:

Ha ha!



In other news...

My grandpa, who is politically incorrect as hell - due to ignorance, rather than malice - posed a pretty good question yesterday:

If a white person from South Africa immigrates to the United States, would they be considered an African American?

It's a good question.


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