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Friday, July 01, 2005


I think events of the past 5-10 years have clearly demonstrated that about 51% of Americans have the critical thinking ability of bread pudding. Still, I never cease to be baffled by the total lack of logic shown by someone who displays both the American flag AND the confederate flag on their vehicle's bumper. Bush can say what he wants about his base being the rich people, but it's really the aforementioned folks, many of whom may or may not be racing enthusiasts.


Thursday, June 30, 2005


So I guess I'm not actually done with college. My advisor emailed and said the manuscript we had submitted for publication in Landscape Ecology - essentially my thesis - had been accepted by the editor, pending 'minor' edits. Well.....when someone says that the whole manuscript is too technical and too detailed, I think that constitutes more than a minor edit. I would call that a major revision. But....maybe we'll just tell that guy he's a dork, and hell with him if he doesn't get it...

But anyway..I have some more work to do outside of work. I'd rather be fishin'. Especially since we're traveling, visiting family and stuff, for the next 3 weekends or so..


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