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Thursday, August 26, 2004


Kurt Vonnegut has become one of my favorite authors of late. He has also been writing some great stuff lately about the current state of our country. Here is one example.


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

From Oregon Trail I!!!


K...So..a long time ago, when I was like, working, and thus had lots of time to goof around, I started work on something called "All Your Socks," which was to be similar to the "All Your Base" video that made use of Photoshop to insert that phrase (and related phrases) into otherwise normal photos. My idea was that I would do a similar thing, using ReadPlease to generate the computer-sounding voice, and make all the images somehow tie into the whole series of inside jokes that had developed in Geo-Tech. Here are some of those images:


This one is subtle..

I think this one is the best..

Yeah. This one is my favorite..

Really lame.

I can't even explain this one..if you get it, you get it, if not, too bad..

MoonGod Goes Golfing.

Even the Germans fear MoonGod.

From Oregon Trail II!!!

Positive message from the Church of Moongod...

My Photoshop skills are weak.

I thought this one turned out well..



OK, so the censors told me that this picture was OK:

Apparently, everyone looks just fine in this picture.



I don't understand what people are getting so excited about...I mean, by now, we should be used to being showered by copious amounts of shit from The Dave Matthews Band.

In kinda related news, Phish is finally, finally quitting. And good riddance to bad rubbish, I say.

And apparently, Bob Dylan is still alive. Huh.



That would be a good band name. Or album name.

So..Didn't have incredibly good luck with thrift stores this weekend (always do it when I'm back toward home-ishness). Although...I did score some good music deals:


-Trace, by Son Volt
-Howlin' Wolf: The Collection, by Howlin' Wolf
-The John Coltrane Gold Collection, by John Coltrane
-Cristmas Caravan, by Squirrel Nut Zippers

Best of all, I think, I got a sweet, sweet box set. Johnny Cash's Unearthed? Nope. Must I Paint You a Picture: Essential Billy Bragg, by Billy Bragg? Huh uh. I got Beethoven: The Nine Symphonies, by the New York Philharmonic, as conducted by Leonard Bernstein on VINYL! Yes, that really did require all 3 text modifiers. $5.99, and worth every penny. The cool part is, I think someone bought this for some kind of music theory class, and then never even got the records out of the sleeves, so the sound quality is AWESOME. No wait..best of all is the bas relief, golden foil type image of a person I can only assume is supposed to be Beethoven, on the front cover.

Got a few books: Turgenev, Angelou, Howell, Melville. So I did OK, I guess.

I'm kind of regretting now that I didn't purchase a cassette entitled Darrel the Singing Bus Driver, as I'm sure this would have been a classic. The front cover featured a too-close-up, off-center photo of a guy that kind of looked like Will Ferrell in a red sports jacket.



OK, so Steve proposed I dress as Edward Abbey. I'm not sure that would be that easy. But maybe I could do Hayduke. He's the guy on the left on this T-shirt:

Maybe we could dress as the whole Monkey Wrench Gang....Except, I don't have any friends that resemble any of the 4. Except that Abbie kind of looks like Bonnie Abbzug:

It's in the nose and eyes.



I now have




So don't expect to see or hear much of me here or anywhere except where the giant trout roam, for awhile.

Thank you.


Tuesday, August 24, 2004


I'm taking suggestions for my Halloween costume for this year. Keep in mind that I have a beard, and I'm not getting rid of it, so stuff that relies on makeup (i.e. a clown, Robert Smith, etc.) isn't going to work.

I was thinking of one of two things:

1) Spongebob


2) a garden gnome

Feel free to help out.

Is that Jeremywhite that commented as Whitey awhile back? If so, welcome back, and way to spell and use appropriate grammar and stuff.


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