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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Since JeremyWhite was blogging about his new lawnmower the other day, I thought I would say some words about mine. We moved into a duplex in Kansas, and for the first time since leaving home, I've had the obligation of mowing the yard at my place of residence. Wait..I had to do it in DC, but that only amounted to about 6 times. That meant I had to invest in a mower. I've never been keen on normal mowers anyway, so I elected to go with the Scotts American Classic Reel-Type mower:

Isn't she a beauty!? I wanted to go fishing today, so we got all ready to go and headed North toward a lake I haven't checked out yet, but halfway there it started looking all tornadoey, so we ended up coming home. Since I was already in my grubby clothes, I decided to go ahead and mow the lawn. First time I used this mower. Man, that was the first time I enjoyed mowing the lawn since probably the 2nd or 3rd time I ever did it. No noisy-ass gas-powered engine, and I could actually smell the pleasant scent of freshly cut clover and grass, rather than gas fumes. It didnt take me any longer than it would have with a normal mower, and it didn't push any harder than a standard non-self-propelled mower. There were a few tall spikey grasses here and there that it didnt take out, but that will probably be remedied by more regular mowing. Cost me 129 bucks or something at Home Depot, and according to stuff I've read about them, you can go 2 years or so before the first sharpening, and then it just needs to be done about once a year or so. Anyway, I'm a big fan. If I had a huge yard, I'd probably still use this, I'd just buy a llama or ostrich or something and hitch it up to the mower with reins and do it that way. Actually, if I had a llama, I'd probably just let him eat the grass.

Anyway, after I got done mowing the lawn, I came in, and Jen had made fresh lemonade from real live hand squeezed lemons, so it really completed the whole Leave It to Beaver motif I had going. I think after this I'll go downstairs and sit in my easy chair, read the newspaper, and smoke a pipe.

In summary, if you're in the market for a mower, I recommend the Scotts American Classic. No buying gas or changing oil, no fumes, no maintenance, no ear-piercing engine noise.


p.s. I went to Europe. Probably will post some pictures and stuff at some point...

Monday, June 06, 2005


We are home. Stuff will follow. If anyone knows of a good way to easily post like 550 pictures to the intersuperhighwaynet, please let me know.

At ease.


p.s. one of my greatest pet peeves is when people send you a forward email and add a line that says "I NEVER send forwards, but..."

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