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Saturday, March 26, 2005


If you ever played Oregon Trail in 4th grade, I am pretty sure you will find this very amusing..

An Oregon Trail Weblog...


Thursday, March 24, 2005


BTW, I'm listening to Dolly Parton, if that means anything.

(if it does, please let me know what)

Not 9 To 5, obviously...mostly stuff from the Jolene era.



I forgot I was going to blog about this story. Key quote: "We have no intention of allowing children in pants into the ring."

"Sumo Pants" would make an alright band name...



Man. Am I ever bored. Trying to put together the presentation for my thesis defense next Monday.

I'm sort of in vacation mode or something. Shouldn't be. But I am.

So...flew to the KC-area for a job interview. They picked me up at the airport, took me for dinner, and put me up in a nice hotel. I talked to them until about 1 the next day, and they took me to lunch. There was no formal interview. They seem like awesome people. Recall how awhile back I was lamenting that I had a hard time finding friends that shared even a few of my interests, hobbies, taste in music, movies, food, etc...? Well..I found them. They all work at this office. My politics were pretty middle of the road, compared to this group, and Al Sharpton is a little conservative for me. Awesome people, who are into fishing, dark beer, good music, good food, conservation, etc. There are only 5 people that work there now, and there seems to be an ever-increasing amount of work popping up, so probably would be a good growth thing, and all that bullshit. Sorry...curseword. I have a gag reflex when I hear words like "growth industry," "profit-sharing," "401k," etc. (BAARRRRFF!!!!)

But, I think it would be a good place to work, relatively speaking...(I keep thinking about my first (and only, actually) "real job" after college - I was a total dirty socialist hippie radical compared to those folks.) There seems to not be a real viable option to having a real job. Eventually, The Man will get you. At least you can get a job that's based on kicking The Man in the ass.

So latest word on the job: the dude called today, and all but said they were going to make an offer, but wanted to talk to their main office, first. I was a little disappointed by the salary range he mentioned, but it's not terrible. I just had no idea what to expect.

I don't know how I feel about the Schiavo thing. One thing is for certain, though..Republicans care ALOT about undeveloped fetuses' and vegetables' rights to live (although they don't seem to give two dog dumps about a person once they've actually been born, or if they have an intact cortex - see Iraq war, death penalty, etc.)

My friend Todd has rekindled my lifelong interest in sasquatches, and other crypto-creatures. I was thinking I should do my PhD work on bigfoot, when I get that far. Oh, that reminds me - this company will give you hours off, and pay for you to go back to grad school - so I could get a PhD paid for sometime down the road, and they only ask you to commit to 4 years after that. Seems fair. Not like the other place I worked, where they wouldn't even let you have time off to go to a conference or something, even if you were paying for it yourself.


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