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Friday, May 09, 2003

A'right. Added commenting ability (via Blogout), finally. So feel free...Abbie & 'Tiska...pretty sure nobody else really looks at this..


-My thumb was all aching yesterday. So I reckon it will rain/snow today or later tonight.

-Saw X2 last night. Man, the opening scene with Nightcrawler was AWESOME..Glad he made it into the sequel. It was pretty good, taken all around. Awfully glad they left out Toad this time. (We can only hope Jubilee stays out of the next one, too. I mean, come on..her superpower is that she can generate wimpy little fireworks at will. That's stupid.) I'd say I liked it a little better than the first one, maybe. Still some unfortunate elements of cheesiness in the dialogue. But the action scenes are better. And Anna Paquin seems to keep getting cuter all the time. So apparently, this is going to be a three-part thing. I mean, I'm assuming Jean Gray will be transformed into The Phoenix and be back for a sort of finale in the next one... Not sure the average movie-goer is ready for all that complicatedness. I'm guessing Apocalypse would be involved..which would be cool. Also..did they ever explain Colossus, or did he just show up? I'm forgetting whether that was in the first one..anyone? I'm disappointed there haven't been any Sentinels yet.

Yup. I'm a geek..


Wednesday, May 07, 2003

I also don't like it when a 'c' and an 'l' next to each other end up looking like a 'd.' Couldn't the fontographers thought of that. I mean...'click' v. 'dick'...come on..


uh. so. a couple of things..

-Everytime i walk downstairs to use the bathroom at work (no boys bathroom on my floor), i see this sign that says "fire hose." it's on the compartment that holds the fire hose, not surprisingly. but the annoying thing is, everytime i see that sign, a thought pops into my head, and that thought is, "firehose is the name of a band." Every damned time. I usually respond by being all, 'I know, stupid, you say that everytime i walk by.." just cant help but think it, though. why?im thinking about taking down the sign.

-whats wrong with my chair arm? its all wrong. wait. fixed it.

-speaking of arms, and of going downstairs to take a leak, i just went downstairs to use the baffroom, and i whacked my elbow on the little banister thing on the landing. holy crap. its numb.

-my friend todd sent me a link today, of a story about some kinda toilet internet thing. in a stall. internet. i was too lazy to link to it. so..just letting you know..its out there. if you want to find it. or anything. keyword: Down Load. get it.

i give up.


OK. So. My river trip....

well...(i don't feel like doing caps right now)..we left laramie on friday at about 6:30pm. for a 3 night trip o' rafting on the Green River (ok, some caps) in Utah. just below the flaming gorge dam(n). me, my boss (paul), and my good ol' pal bret schacht, whom ive known since 'the day.' (1979-ish). it took....forrrrreeeeeeevvvvvvvvverrrrrrrrrrrr to get to rock springs, redneck capital of southwest wyoming. after eating at an ok truck stop (dirty pete's, or crazy bob's, or silly sam's, something like that), we continued southward on 191 to roundabouts dutch john. found a state campground, pitched our sleeping bags out amongst the junipers, and risked it. didnt rain. purdy stars to see. bret had a centipede in his sleeping bag when he woke up. those things make me nervous.
then we struck out for the put-in. well, there was a long interval first. breakfast at a greasy spoon/gas station/fly store. got licenses and all that. then headed for the put in, blew up the boats (1 14' raft, 1 14' solo inflatable kayak). paul brought lots of stuff, including (and this is how white we are) one of those roll up table things. it was just silly. there were lots and lots and lots of dumb colorado guys (what we call "greenies" in wyoming, cuz of their license plates, and cuz you have to have a derogatory nickname for people that suck that much), sitting around, being fat and dumb. in our way. a guy almost ditched his SUV in the river. stupid bastard colorado people. took forever to get launched. then we did. we drifted down the river...chilly. rainy. windy. but fun. bret got his arse soaked way bad in the kayak, and near to caught death. not really. but he seemed cold to look at.
i caught a number of fishies. some on pete's good ol' flies. paul caught some. on his zebco.
we stopped, reserved a campsite, and then floated on. arrived at the campsite mid-day. set up camp, did some fishin. it was a cool campsite - i'll try to get pictures on here somehow, someday. then, regrettably, we realized that we (meaning bret) left the whisky in the back seat of the truck. george dickel's number 12. cava mal.
well, we hung out there for a couple days. fishin. sittin. nappin. spittin. eatin. lots. good times. caught lots of fish. or a decent amount anyways..up to 18." brown trout. lots o' fun. purdyfish.
then, monday morning, we packed up camp, i boarded the kayak, and proceeded to soak my privates and rear with icy cold water in the rapids. not too rapid, though, really. i was wishing for tougher. sunny day. beautious.

took out at about 4, i think. took a celebratory swig of the dickel, and started the long, stupid, stupid, journey home.

i may have left out some details. like the pooping-in-the-open-air part. i usually enjoy it, but there were no decent trees to sit over. its hard.

anyway. back to the stupidness that is life.

sort of a relief to get back on my 3-hour/night sleeping schedule. can't handle that 7 or 8-hour/night stuff.

and uh. here i am. at work. werk. stupid.

no worse for the wear. no better, maybe.

i wanna get a raft. $5000 though. maybe i could build one. with logs. like huck fin. worked ok for him. just sweep down the river in a 50 foot wide log-jam of a raft, crashing into and dislodging boulders. scatterin' greenies in their fancy-pants drift boats hither and yon. yawn. whatever.

did i mention im really lazy?


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