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Monday, March 14, 2005


I'm working on revisions of my thesis. So what I have left is: 1) revise according to my advisor's last red pen stabbings (fairly easy - mostly done); 2) make my figures, including study area map(s) and some graphs (easy); 3) compile a 20-30 minute presentation (meh). Have to have finished revisions by Saturday. My advisor gets back that day, then reads my thesis, makes some revisions, gives it to me, I revise it Sunday afternoon and evening, give it to my committee on Monday, fly out Monday late afternoon for a job interview in KS, come back, finish my presentation, defend on the 28th. Lots to do in the next week. It's spring break. Yeah, right.

I'm seriously considering acknowledging The Kinks (especially for the late 60's, early 70's stuff - "Muswell Hillbillies," etc.), The Velvet Underground, Mississippi John Hurt, Modest Mouse, Pavement, and Belle and Sebastian, whose music I've been listening to incessantly during the past few weeks, when I've essentially written my entire thesis.


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