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Thursday, March 25, 2004


So, awhile back, I noticed that spammers had a new approach. They evidently have some software that grabs 2 random words from a dictionary or word list, puts an initial between them, and uses that as the name of sender for the spam they send. I recognized immediately the potential of these 'names' to become band names, or perhaps found poetry. Henceforth, here is the list of the sender names from spam email I've received in the last month or so:

Spreadsheet B. Complexity
Everywhere Q. Placates
Eavesdrop P. Weighting
Hebrew J. Pussycat
Pettiness F. Scrawl
Topcoat A. Weaver
Maneuver J. Shoe
Lusty Threads
Paved K. Perpetuate
Teachable I. Grapevine
Bondsman U. Bonsai
Beeswax A. Overspecializes
Mooches F. Thickens
Shredding O. Hell
Interpolation A. Chamberlain
Investigated H. Fifths
Snickers E. Minotaur
Dado T. Squads
Confusingly K. Importunity
Eggshell A. Curator
Witnessing C. Abrasion
Perpetrating O. Bowman
Conspire O. Episodic
Recants M. Stingray
Innocuous U. Bugbear
Spreadsheet B. Complexity
Linnet H. Sludging
Conforming Q. Direction
Nobler S. Wimpiest
Fora P. Pluralizes
Flee H. Antipastos
Spearheaded L. Exiles
Efficiently K. Eaten
Spends R. Brassiest
Dignifies V. Intervened
Titted G. Riflemen
Demilitarize L. Sexton
Loathsomeness G. Henpecked
Lobing S. Glamorously
Servicing B. Cassia
Guggenheim K. Skins
Tattler O. Bernstein
Recognized H. Simulators
Noshing C. Sleepwear
Allocate P. Taint
Goya H. Inkiness
Hypocritically E. Greasy
Disencumbered Q. Laundromats
Underscored H. Patina
Ashley G. Wang
Offhandedly C. Insecurity
Evolutionary K. Ancestresses
Laggard P. Palau
Pimiento J. Baloney
Proctor T. Penthouses
Ties O. Outflank
Easterner R. Telegraphs
Misanthropist V. Shockers
Canopying V. Forswear
Littered F. Jutting
Ankle U. Spire

Pretty much any of these could be made into good band names, but I'm especially fond of Pimiento J. Baloney, Everywhere Q. Placates, and Hebrew J. Pussycat.


Tuesday, March 23, 2004


Nothing funny about this headline.


Monday, March 22, 2004


OK, Bennet...Perhaps I could have done more to show you the light w/ regard to Billy Bragg. I certainly have some kickass live stuff you need to hear - some stuff with Michael Stipe, who I normally hate, which rules.

So I answer your charges of irresponsibility with the following:

Terrorism, Al-Qaeda, tax cuts, Saddam Hussein, Terrorism, Al-Qaeda, tax cuts, Chemical weapon stock piles, Al-Qaeda, Terrorism, tax cuts, WMD, Al-Qaeda, tax cuts, etc.

(wait, that's that president guy..)

In order to avoid future reprimand for my improprieties, I would like to state now, for the record, that the following musical acts kick ass and deserve attention:

-The Meices
-The Eels
-Mike Ness Band
-Alien Crime Syndicate
-The Pogues
-Nick Drake
-Atom and His Package
-Camper Van Beethoven
-The Dropkick Murphys
-Public Image Ltd.
-The Minutemen


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