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Wednesday, August 18, 2004


so today i went in to count tree rings but the microscope table was broken so i had to use books but every time i put any weight on the books it went out of focus i mean the microscope did so it didn't work worth a hoot and then the guy was in here with the big belt sander making ear-piercing loud noises at 15 second intervals and i was getting so i was about ready to explode and crush the microscope in my hands so i finally said 'aw, fuck it. i'm going fishing.' and so i did.

and the place where i fished at was down 2 feet and there was moss everywhere and i fished for an hour and a half with no bites and then my float got smashed on rocks so i changed flies and fished some more and didn't have any bites and then suddenly a fish hit my fly like a gawddamn freight train and took off with it and ripped out 15 feet of line and then leapt 3 feet into the air and i said 'christ almighty!' because it was damn near 2 foot of trout that had eaten my fly and i fought it and it dove and i fought it and it dove and everytime it dove it went into the weeds and i had to wait patiently for 10 seconds until it decided 'enough of this' and tried to swim away again and then it would rip out another 10 feet of line and then we would start over and this continued for over 10 minutes and then finally it got close enough i got the net under it and hauled it in and i said 'by gawd, that's good enough for me' and i went home and showed bob my trout and he said congratulations and it was over 22 inches long and fat and its mouth were full of maybe 20 or so little minnow things because i guess it was really hungry today.

so the moral of the story is that if work seems crappy just blow it off and you will be rewarded greatly.

thank you for listening to my story.



I decided that, since I can now post pictures without problems (like 50megs being assy), I might as well post the Halloween pictures...


Mark. And hooch.

Jenn and Rick


The party

Can't wait for this year.



Since Jen is now a certified Yoga instructor, I decided I should get into the act, so I went out and bought me some spandex leotards:

I think I'm getting good at it:



Click to Enlargify
Front Cover

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Back Cover

This was the prototype album cover design for Fairly Crass' first album. The song titles weren't actual songs, for the most part - several of them were stolen from Steve's previous band. It was a mock-up, I guess, is what I am saying.

Click to enlargify....

I guess the album title was going to be Hello White Man Banana, not Hey White Man Banana. Don't think we had worked that out yet at that point..

Bonus points if you know what the back cover is based on..


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