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Thursday, February 19, 2004


So I finally bought Electro-shock Blues by The Eels. Overall, I would say it is not quite as well done as Daisies of the Galaxy or Shootenanny! or Beautiful Freak or the others. I still like it alot, though. I just think that there was less originality than in their other albums. It sounds like a combination of those other two albums, I would say. Some of the intros off Electro-shock Blues are basically the same as those off Daisies. I mean, the intro to Hospital Food is the same as the intro to Tiger in My Tank. That's kinda lame. But still, E is a genius. On par with Brian Wilson, or John Linnell, John Flansburg, or John Ritter (R.I.P.).

Also, Climbing to the Moon, and P. S. You Rock My World are goddamn brilliant songs.

Speaking of Linnell and Flansburg, don't visit the They Might Be Giants website if you are at all unstable. It will just put you right over the edge, man.



Way to go, Science! But I think you're a little late on this one...


Monday, February 16, 2004


Last Friday, CBS announced it was going to pull the ad on the new Medicare laws by the Department of Health and Human Services, on the basis of allegations by many that it misrepresented the truth and was essentially taxpayer-financed campaign fodder for Bush. This is proper, since CBS refused to run the ad which talks about Bush's trillion dollar deficit by MoveOn, saying that they have a policy of not accepting advocacy advertising. Well..not that normal commercials aren't 'advocacy advertising,' (Our product is the best!), but whatever.

Some have called for all other networks, including CNN, to stop airing the commercial as well. This is improper. Let me explain:

CNN never refused to air the ad from MoveOn, and has no such policy against 'advocacy advertising.' It is not CNN's, nor any network's responsibility to verify the accuracy of an advertisement. The General Accounting Office should look into the accuracy of the ad's claim. The government is required to publicize any changes in this type of law. However, the commercials are clearly incorrect. It is not, as the commercials claim, the same Medicare with more benefits. Most people will see a reduction of benefits. Moreover, most of the intricate details of how the plan actually works have not yet been released by the Bush administration, to my understanding, and probably won't be until after the election. If the advertisement is shown to be inaccurate, then it is clearly little more than a thinly-veiled campaigning tool for republicans, and it should be scrapped, and replaced by something that accurately portrays the changes.

That's my take on it..



I think John Kerry should pick Bill Clinton as his running mate.

Or John McCain.

Or Ross Perot.


Sunday, February 15, 2004


OK...I was thinking of getting my hair cut relatively short again...so I figured out how to use Friendtest to make a survey. So, please go here and vote on which hairstyle I should choose.


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