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Tuesday, July 06, 2004


I got rid of the quote o' the day thing, since I never update that anyways, esp. since I'm out in the field alot for the next month still. It may come back, at some point. But for now, I'll just key you in to what I'm reading.

So...Kerry picked Edwards. It's as though he thought to himself...let's see, who can I pick that's an EVEN BIGGER DORK than myself? Boyish charisma?!? John Edwards reminds me of a more fake John Ritter. I don't know..maybe he's not that bad. But I think Sharpton would have been a better choice. Talk about getting out the minority vote.


Sunday, July 04, 2004


Saw Farenheit 9/11. Was it as gripping as Bowling..? No. Was it unbiased? Hell no. Is that the point? Of course not.

I think the focus of the film changed over time, and Moore didn't do a great job of distinguishing between his many theses. Plus, it's complicated. You could certainly do a whole documentary on the shadiness of the Carlyle Group, or on the ways in which we turn a blind eye to anything Saudi Arabia does, simply because they have an assload of oil and money, or any of a dozen other things. So the main problem, as I see it, is that when you set out to make a movie criticizing Bush, you have to pick which particular shady business dealing, leadership failure, mental shortfall, or lies which will be the basis of your critique...cuz there's just too much there for one movie.

Bill O'Reilly, who, by the way, is a shithead, calls the movie 'propaganda.' I guess it's not as 'fair and balanced' as Fox, or as fact-based as the opinions of conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter, or O'Reilly himself, whose opinions are obviously based solidly in fact..Perhaps the conservatives are crying foul because Michael Moore is using some of their tactics - just think of it..a liberal who lets his opinion be known!!!

Bill O'Reilly is a shithead. It is impossible to overstate that fact. If you have any doubt, check this out.

But, Farenheit.. is compelling, because it does show what is happening to people in Iraq, in a non-video-game-like way, which is something TV doesn't understand how to do, or doesn't want to do.

Man..Article about protests in Jackson Hole about the movie...people saying Michael Moore is a "traitor" and that he "supports terrorism." I can't even begin to start to be able to think of how to respond to someone so ignorant. Because 'logic' or 'reason' is obviously not going to fucking work.

So..best part of the movie...perhaps when they showed the clip of Britney Spears talking about how we should just support the President, and believe what he says. Jeezis. THAT is awesome.

In other news, Wheely Willy tours Japan, and Bill Cosby says...well..he says something...damned if I can understand what it is...but I think it's going to piss someone off.


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