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Thursday, May 20, 2004


I've been listening the hell out of my old Superdrag CD. I mean THE HELL. Regretfully Yours. If you know Superdrag, you probably know them from the song Sucked Out. It was an OK song. The video was awesome, because it was set in a diner that was decorated a la my grandparents living room in the 60's. It sounds weird, but you would be amazed if you saw the pictures of their living room and the video.


somebody screams and I'm gushing my load
everyone knows the score
dropped from a dream I don't know what I know
getting my feet to the floor
I'm tired of dying here alone
but you can set me free
I'm wired and lying here too stoned
to know what I could be
dropped from a dream with a head full of love
nowhere to give it away
one magazine and a head full of love
hate every beautiful day
i'm tired...


N.A. Kicker:

you can take your precious time, draining all my blood
if I ever make you mine, I wonder if I could
I could be a different trip nothing but a buzz
yes I think I'm on the tip I told you what it does
I'm sure you've heard this one a million times before
you're the one I wanna adore, and I can't shut it up anymore
I just hope it's not becoming a bore
cuz I can't daydream anymore
sending you a valentine every single day
you might say it's summertime a thousand miles away
it would be a Superdrag if you should pass me by
I could smoke a million bags - you can get me high
I'm sure you've heard this one....

Superdrag was pretty much my first rock concert. Or one of them, anyway. It was something like me, Andy Moon, Dan Hermsen, and Zach Johnson, if I remember right. The Meices, who, by the time they had finished their first song, had become my favorite band of all-time, opened. They were incredible. But nobody else seemed to get it. Then Nada Surf played. Meh. Nothing special. Finally Superdrag came out and kicked some ass, and I got powerslammed into the conrete floor and busted my elbow to pieces. It ruled.

It was at the Ranch Bowl in Omaha. Which is a sort of weird, concert venue, bar, and bowling alley, all in one. It was a great venue, because you could see the guys from The Meices sitting at the bar getting trashed on free liquor during Superdrag and Nada Surf. I think the Ranch Bowl could kick Red Rocks' ass.


Lately, I've been blogging more in my comments than in my blog.


It's depressing to note, but G-Had's son is probably 9 times the guitar player I will ever be. And he's like 7. Or 12. I'm not a good judge of little kid ages. I once asked a little kid if they were in kindergarten yet. They were like 2. I'm horrible at that.


On Tuesday night, I drank river margaritas, climbed a huge black willow tree, ate smores, wrangled goats, and slept in my bedroll under the stars. For real.


And that's about as good as it gets, lately. Although I did do some bandsawing the other day. That was enjoyable. It's not important what I bandsawed.


Wednesday, May 19, 2004


According to Necrotic Obsession, my goth name is Midnight Fantasy.


Tuesday, May 18, 2004


Gawd. Does anyone feel like trading me lives? At least until my thesis is finished? It may be about 17 more years, at this rate. Seriously. I'd take just about anything.


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