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Friday, March 28, 2003

-More evidence that the Bush administration is a BIG FUCKING BUNCH OF LIARS. (apologies for the curse word - couldn't be helped).


Wednesday, March 26, 2003

OK. So. I decided what it is I want to do with my life. I want to open a martini lounge. Trust me, this will be cool.

The way it will work, will be that it will be decorated as though it were built to look space-agey in the late 60's, early 70's - lots of chrome, lots of mustard, green, and burnt umber colored fabric, neon lights, maybe a floor that lights up when you walk across it. And you know, of course, it would all be overdone so as to be a parody of a martini lounge, but also functionally a martini lounge. But it would also feature incongruous non-martini lounge aspects, as I see fit.

So it will feature live music occasionally - maybe Thursday nights or something. And the other nights would be theme nights, and I would DJ. Like, Monday night could be "Sounds of Space" - with stuff by Perrey & Kingsley, Tipsy, Dean Elliot, etc., and we would feature space-themed drinks. Then there could be a "Beach Night," a "Crooners Night," etc., and definitely a "Ladies Night," where we would play stuff off albums like "Music to Watch Girls By."

And if anyone tried to order a domestic beer, particularly something made by Anheuser-Busch or Coors, they would be escorted out the back door by two enormous guys in zoot suits, whereupon they would be beaten and left in the alley, cuz hey, this is a martini lounge, and you just don't do that.

See? This is going to be great. Anyone want in on the ground floor?


-This would just be TOO awesome..


Does anyone know of any good radio stations or other music services online that don't require software installation (outside Media Player). I don't have install priveledges on my work machine, and the one I usually use, Yahoo! Launch has been extremely assy lately.

-Man, wait until PETA finds out about this!!!

-If I thought hard enough about it, I could probably come up with a really clever joke about this. Unfortunately, I'm just too damned lazy.


-There is a note on my desk that says, "Send: Salt." It's in my handwriting. Anyone order salt?


-This disturbs me.

-I can do this..

-This sounds like some sort of messed up Hemmingway story...

-This is a big punkin'. And it's proud owner.


Monday, March 24, 2003

Oh. Almost forgot. My favorite moment from the Oscars last night was when Michael Moore accepted the award for best documentary, and, using the opportunity to voice his opinion, said the following about Bush and the war:

"...anytime you got the Pope and the Dixie Chicks against you, your time is up."


-Back from Pennsylvania/New Jersey - it was a bit of a jaunt - 3811 miles, round-trip.

*Holy damn* - it is snowing UP, here. At least it looks that way from my window.

Anyway, Penn-NJ was fun. Highlights:

*Saw a sign for "Janko Realty" (janko is a word invented by my sister, that sort of means the same thing as 'ghetto,' when used like, 'man, that car is so ghetto.' It sort of implies white trashiness (e.g. This is one janko website).

*Went to a Porim (sp?) festival - a Jewish holiday. There was a play, and weird cookies. It was pretty cool.

*Saw a talk by Johan Galtung (a big-time peace worker who founded a group called TRANSCEND, which mediates conflicts between small countries that don't have an arsenal of $500,000 missiles. He was great - probably the most intelligent person I've ever run across. He gave the "American Empire" 20 years or less. 'Hear, hear!'

*My new favorite kind of whiskey is George Dickel's #12. It is like George Dickel's #8, my old favorite whiskey, except smoother and 90 proof instead of 80 proof. Yummy.

OK. So. If I participate in a peace march anytime soon, the sign I will carry will say the following

God bless our troops,
God damn George Bush.

Stupid things:

-I will never buy this again.
-Another flash animation - this one features a Herb Alpert song (I forget the name..)
-Homeland Security Instructions


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