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Thursday, September 01, 2005


It's 10:20 central standard time, and I just now realized that I put my right sock on inside out this morning.

I also think I have a touch of poison ivy on my left ear, and maybe my nose.

We should have known that our current government would do something like use the hurricane as an excuse to toss clean air regulations out the window. A "temporary" relaxation of sulfur guidelines... Sure. We'll see about that. A-holes.

Given Bush's prior record of exploiting national tragedies for political gain - esp. to push an agenda that otherwise wouldn't have the majority of Americans behind it - this shouldn't be surprising. Frankly, I'm waiting to see how they use the hurricane as a pretense to: 1) revoke some more of our civil liberties; 2) invade some distant and oil-laden land; and 3) fear-monger us into voting for more shithead neo-cons.

It's eery the way things like the hurricane, the Rodney King verdict, or a world series win so quickly expose the fragility of the thing we call civilization. I mean, gee whiz. It's shocking to see just how much we haven't advanced, as a species.

It's also shocking to see how poorly we, the world's richest country, are responding to this big huge crisis. Where are the National Guardsmen (and women)? They usually deal with this kind of stuff. Oh wait, they're all in fucking Iraq. Dang. Well...lots of luck, New Orleans...we'd like to help, but it appears that your best bets are all in a faraway land shooting at people and getting shot at for no particular reason other than Karl Rove thought it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I'm being a little facetious, but really, who had the equipment and manpower to deal with this kind of situation other than our military? They're the only ones with that kind of resources.

Another sooper day in America.


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