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Sunday, April 03, 2005


So..most likely, we will be moving to Kansas.

Things I'm not looking forward to about Kansas:

1) Humidity
2) Lack of public lands
3) Being close to Kansas City
4) Being a working stiff

Things I am looking forward to about Kansas:

1) Bass fishin'
2) Friendly folk
3) Music (in Lawrence)
4) Restaurants (in Lawrence)
5) The words "evening" and "weekend" actually meaning something

While I'm at it....

Stuff I like:

1) Boats, in general
2) Noise pop and baroque pop, and about 13% of Alt-Country
3) The beets I grew last year
4) Absurdist humor

Stuff I hate:

1) When people recite stuff from TV shows (or movies), and expect you to think it's funny.
2) Preparing PowerPoint presentations
3) The turnips I grew last year (they taste like horseradish)

I'm also not big on impersonations - at least not impersonation of famous people. Seldom as good as advertised, and usually the impersonator isn't really impersonating the famous person, they're impersonating an impersonator impersonating the famous person. Meta-impersonation. I do appreciate accurate impersonations of people from my everyday life. Mike S. from my high school did an awesome impersonation of our physics teacher. That was funny. It fits with my overall taste in humor, which is that the funniness of something to me is inversely proportional to the number of people to whom it's funny.

Yes, I am avoiding preparing my PowerPoint presentation for AAG.



So, I'm putting my money on Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga. That's a decent payout.

I don't get popes. Actually, back that up...I don't get Catholicism. Well...take it back even further...I don't get religion. But, in particular, I don't get popes. They're kind of like queens. I'm not going to post lyrics from Maxwell's Silver Hammer, since every other blogger in the universe seems to have picked up on it already. I guess there's no connection. Odd, though. Why is it a silver hammer. In either case, I mean.

Abbie said most men have kidney problems when they get old. I told her if someone tried to stick a tube up my pecker I was going to kick their ass.


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