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Tuesday, April 06, 2004


So, you can take a Jokku (whatever the hell that means) test here. It tells you whether you are male or female (or neuter), and whether you have always been so. I'm not pleased with my results.

It said the following:

"Your Jokku male gender score is : 31.
Your Jokku female gender score is : 33.
Your Jokku neuter gender score is : 39."

Then it gave me some stupid picture that looks like some kind of stupid lion-alien with pink hair and a ninja turtle weapon, and said I was an "elithik" (whatever the hell that is). It said that my breadth of "experience cannot be matched," but I just changed from a male into a neuter, so my experiences must not have been that great. 'Valued among the Jokka' my ass.

Take the Jokku Gender Test!

I don't think I'm really a neuter. I mean, I definitely felt like a male today, anyway. Hang on....yup. I still like boobies.

I just looked up "elithik" under the "Lexicon" link - apparently, it means "every-sexed." Not sure how I feel about that.


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