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Saturday, September 25, 2004


Guess who's going to be in Denver on October 8.....

Old 97's, that's who.

Guess who's going to it...

Maybe me.

Sucks to be Florida.



Boy. Stuff has kind of been sucking lately. I won't go into it all. A little bit of everything. The cold I have isn't too bad. Just a sore throat, excessive slobber and snot, and a groggy head. Today I found out that my old Boy Scout leader died. He was like a thousand years old when I first started Boy Scouts. Well, maybe not that old. But he was like 80, for real. He did stuff with the Boy Scouts from like 1940 up until the time he died, pretty much. He went camping with us and slept in a tent when he was in his 80's. He was 92 when he died the other day. I learned more from that guy than from any other person I've ever known. I'm sure there are about a thousand other Boy Scouts from my troop, over the 60+ years he was involved in it, that would say the same thing. I never would have been in Boy Scouts to begin with if it wasn't for his insistence, and I wouldn't know half of what I know (all the really important stuff) today if I hadn't been in Boy Scouts. I suppose he couldn't live forever, but it's too bad, because that guy was the most unselfish, caring, and giving person I've ever known. I stopped to visit with him occasionally after I finished Boy Scouts, and went off to college, but not as often as I should have.

Here's to you, Rank. We'll miss you.


Thursday, September 23, 2004


So...the contact email listed for The Eels is busted. I haven't given up yet, though...


Also, I seem to be getting sick. That's stupid.


Man, The Sims 2 looks awesome. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, for the sake of denerdification), I don't have 14 hours a day for the next 3 years free, so I will just avoid it, to every degree possible.

I've always wished you could crossover video game characters to other games, like what they do with comic book crossovers. What I really wish you could do is take one of the characters from my Trophy Hunter game and put him in The Sims.....

Now that would be quality entertainment! Take my compound bow to those suburbanite yuppies.


Wednesday, September 22, 2004


OK..in the interest of fairness, or some crap, I will be interviewing (someday) the other surviving member of Fairly Crass, Steve.


Sunday, September 19, 2004

e & m

I wonder what kind of guy E is. You know..the frontman for The Eels. He seems like he's probably kind of a sad guy, but you know, kind of funny, too. I think I'ma interview him. On this blog. I'll work on arranging that. Meanwhile, I think I'll interview m, a member of the most underrated rock and roll band of all time, Fairly Crass - a guy who was once referred to by John Lennon himself as "the supreme godfather of Rawk of all-time." Here goes:

Peruvian Nights: So...m...how does it feel to have been a part of one of the most influential bands of our time...

m: Um..well..of course I'm flattered when bands that I respect..y'know..bands like Wilco, and Hum, and Slobberbone, and Negativland, and Social Distortion, and The Beatles...say how much we influenced their style. Though I have to say, our thing kind of falls flat when others attempt it.

Peruvian Nights: Sure. I can see that. In your song, 'Abe Lincoln,' there is a line that says, "...you got a hat like a high-heeled walking shoe..." What sort of feeling were you trying to inspire with that..?

m: Well, I think that Abraham Lincoln's stovepipe hat is a sort of metaphor for all the higher goods in this world. And saying it was like a 'high-heeled walking shoe' is sort of pointing out the fact that while Abe was high-minded and noble, he was also very practical. Plus, Steve was really wasted when he wrote that.

Peruvian Nights: You don't say..The song, "Robert Johnson's Oatmeal Creme Pie...." please explicate..

m: Yeah. There's actually a funny story behind that song. See, I was eating an oatmeal creme pie one day, and I was thinking about how Robert Johnson never got to eat oatmeal creme pies, on account of they hadn't been invented yet, and I was thinking, y'know, how that would make me have the blues, too.

Peruvian Nights: Wow....Fascinating stuff. So, your guitar-playing has been called "Doc Watson meets Jimi Hendrix with undertones of Blind Blake.."

m: Yeah..That seems right.

Peruvian Nights: During your long, sometimes rocky journey through rock and roll, what would you say was your favorite part?

m: Oh booze and chicks. For sure, man.

Peruvian Nights: Yeah. I can imagine. So how was it working with Steve?

m: Oh he was great. At first, y'know. After awhile, he got a big head though. And he was always messing around, y'know? And I would be like, 'Steve, do you want to rawk, or do you want to suck?'

Peruvian Nights: And how did he respond?

m: Oh he'd freak out sometimes and start breaking shit...Like throw all our amps and Fenders and Stratocoasters and high-hats and synthesizers and tambourines and kickers and whammy bars out the window..

Peruvian Nights: That must have been tough to deal with...

m: Yeah. But you know, that's rock and roll, man. Someone has to be the bigger person, and make the sacrifices, if you're going to be great.

Peruvian Nights: I have to say, people are always asking me, "When is Fairly Crass getting back together..." or "Will there be a Fairly Crass reunion tour?" *aside to m* These are usually hot girls. That ask that.

m: Oh no way man. Better to burn bright and then explode than to gradually melt away into a pile of gooey liquid...I always say. Besides, I'm in a new band now.

Peruvian Nights: Oh, I knew you had a pretty successful solo career for awhile there, but I wasn't aware of the new band..

m: Yeah..It's kind of a secret..Keep it under wraps. We're called Kapitalist. We're kind of a neo-conservative punk band.

Peruvian Nights: That sounds fascinating..and what kinds of territory are you exploring with this new music?

m: Oh you know. High taxes...the fact that kids aren't allowed to pray in school...owning assualt rifles..stupid liberals...the stupid U.N...um..and immigrants..

Peruvian Nights: Wow. That sounds cutting edge.

m: Yeah. It's badass. But in a 'family values' kind of way.

Peruvian Nights: Well, I know you're a busy man..thanks for talking with me today.

m: Rawk.


Tune in next time I'll be interviewing E.


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