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Friday, November 12, 2004


I assume most of you have seen SorryEverybody.com..

Mine should appear soon. I like the foreigners that don't seem to understand, and are apologizing to us. Um, it's OK, guy-from-China..you didn't vote for him.


Tuesday, November 09, 2004


In retrospect, I should have just recommended that you read this week's entire Onion. It is HILARIOUS.

Funniest line in a very, very long time: 'Added Bush [after the election]: "God bless America's backwards hicks, lunchpail-toting blockheads, doddering elderly, and bumpity-car-driving Spanish-speakers."'

There is just something catchy about "bumpty-car-driving Spanish-speakers."



OK, by way of brief introduction, for those who aren't hip to it, The Onion is a hilarious online news parody service. And if you don't read it religiously every Tuesday night (or Wed. morning, sometimes), then...I don't know...you must live in Alabama or something. Secondly, there is a weekly column in The Onion's AV Club (which reviews books, movies, music, etc.), called Savage Love. I read it once in awhile, mainly to find out what strange fetishes (lawn ornaments, swiss cheese, the coffee aisle in the grocery store (OK, so I made those up)) the week's column might describe. This week's Savage Love contains some of the most thoughtful, yet humorous, commentaries on the state of the nation, the elections, and the gay marriage issue, I've seen yet.



So the following is a map showing the number of visitors I've gotten by country. Obviously, there are some data issues here. Some of the country names given by eXtreme tracker didn't line up with those in ESRI's country shapefile, but you get the idea. Obviously, some folks from China have looked at it, but a minor name difference made the numbers not transfer. I was glad to see that I have had a visitor or two from Sudan. I also have a fairly good following in South America, which pleases me. I currently get about 0.93% of my visits from Jamaicans. I'm hoping to get that up above 1%. Perhaps if I talked more about JAMAICAN affairs, like Jason Euell or the World Cup or Lennox Miller...


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