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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I'm back at work again. Must be that the revisions I had to do (for a submitted manuscript) have once again engaged my procrastination-driven creativity. Here's what I'm working on...

Not done yet, by any means...

We have a TexMex cookbook that is awfully good. It has recipes for the best margaritas I've ever had. Real margaritas - 2 shots tequila, 1 shot cointreau (I substitute Triple Sec or even Grand Marnier - works fine), juice from 1/2 lime, salt for rim of glass. I've also been digging the alternate version - basically the same thing, but with hibiscus syrup as well. It makes for a hearty cocktail.

In other news, we think we found our dream house. Notice the fake castle-wall-rocks lining the basement walls. Also, the wet bar in said fake-castled basement. How can you go wrong with a basement that looks like that??? It would be like drinking martinis in Quake. Or something. It also has the most spectacular landscaping I've ever seen in a residential area (the pictures don't begin to do it justice). We're thinking somewhat seriously about it.

Why doesn't NetFlix offer Sifl & Olly DVDs?!? That's my only real beef with them. That, and the Get a Life, Season 1 DVD I put in my queueueueueu....uh...my list of movies to send next..anyway...it keeps getting bumped down to like number 4. Must be in high demand. I'm a fan, otherwise.

So...the live 97's album will be delayed for another year, and Murry Hammond's solo album is as well. Heck!


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