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Friday, June 11, 2004

Does it work now?


Apparently, Blogger now has its very own commenting system. Let's see if it works...


Tuesday, June 08, 2004


So I've been listening to lots of Carl Perkins lately. And I've decided that if I ever start another band, it is going to be a combination of 3 genres (or maybe, 1 genre, and 2 sub-genres): punk, rockabilly, and honkytonk. Perhaps I will call it punkahonkybilly.


Monday, June 07, 2004


OK, OK, enough with the Reagan tributes. You can't credit the fall of communism with him, if that is something that is to be credited - he was just there, and nuclear disarmament only made sense. I think we felt sorry for him, because deep inside, we all suspected he had Alzheimers all along ("I don't recall"). It's kind of like what David Cross says about Bush - how after September 11, when he started bombing the bejeezis out of Afghanistan (even Ghandi would have done it!), we all started fawning over him as though he had just done something really spectacular, like getting 3rd place in the special olympics. (paraphrasing) 'It's not like planes hit the twin towers, and he suddenly took brilliant pills!'

A short list of the reasons Reagan wasn't a good President (let alone great):

-Star Wars, version 1.0
-Enormous budget deficits
-Everything that happened in Central America in the 1980's

Although, given the current administration, I'm inclined to be wistful for the compassionate, caring, forward-thinking, intelligent President that was Ronald Reagan.

I still say his greatest achievement was Bedtime for Bonzo.


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