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Thursday, August 30, 2007


Hey! What? Uh.

OK. Moving to Laramie sometime around the second week of October. And good riddance to Kansas. Headin' to Laramie this weekend to look for housing. Not really looking forward to the actual looking part. Housing is pretty expensive, for a state with a population density almost the same as the moon. S'weird. Guess I'm not the only person who thinks it's a nice place...

I poop more than I used to. Volume-wise, and frequency-wise. Sign of impending oldness? I have 1 month left (about) until I turn 30. Don't really care, it's just a little surprising.

Anyone heard the new Mekons album? Me neither.

What else is new?

Herbert Kornfield died. Apparently. You either know who that is, or you don't.

#1 thing I never expected to hear myself say in 2007: "I miss the single ply toilet paper."

I saw where there is going to be a "Harold and Kumar, Part 2." Sweet.

I have not only given up on repairing the 1979 Honda Hobbit, I am also giving up on trying to part it out, and on trying to sell it. I have had 3 offers of $0 just today. So, all in all, it will be worth the trip Chris S. and I made down a steep, overgrown slope in the middle of the projects to get it.

I did see an ad for a Honda CB350 today. $100. Those are the best. I need one. This particular one didn't run, but apparently had all of the parts and stuff.

One of my recent hobbies is perusing the "Free" section of Craigslist. There are always some real gems there. Here is my favorite recent one:


"You're giving away part of a real big head of cabbage?!?! For free!?!?"

I have like a 7 hour drive ahead of me tomorrow. I am actually looking forward to it.


Sunday, August 26, 2007


Some of you know all of this, some of you don't. Here it is:

On Friday, I gave notice at my job. We talked to a realtor on Friday, and have aready had one showing of our house (this morning). What happened? About 3 weeks ago (maybe a little more), I got an email from a friend (and former boss) in Laramie. He was forwarding a message from another office that is within the University of Wyoming--essentially, it was an unofficial posting for a GIS position with that office. I submitted a resume, and after some waiting due to summer down time and field work, got an offer early this week. After some negotiating, we struck a bargain, and I got an official offer letter on Friday. I bet I have checked their "jobs" page 50 times over the past 3 years, just waiting for this very job to come open, so I feel very fortunate to have had the inside track on this opening from the get-go.

The position will initially be a GIS Specialist position, but hopefully will evolve into a research associate level position, where I'm writing proposals for my own programs and projects. There's also a strong possibility that I could use some of my work projects (or perhaps some of my "leftover" thesis work) to create a PhD project, and they are very supportive of that. I'd consider that to be pretty much in line with my long-term career aspirations, and, due to some recent events at my office, don't feel very secure where I am, so we decided to take the plunge. I am so pleased to be moving back to Laramie, and getting the fuck out of Kansas. This state is just plain weird, and not in a fun way. After living here 2 years, I've concluded that living in Kansas makes you fat and stupid. It's time to leave.

So the past few days has been a flurry of "decluttering" and other things to get the house ready to show, as well as lots of internet searching for housing in Laramie. It sure is expensive there (about 20-30% more than here), so we will probably be stuck renting a smaller place initially, and saving money for a down payment. We lucked out in the fact that our home value rose around 9% the first year we lived in this house, so we are hopeful we'll get enough out of it to cover realty fees, closing costs, prorated property taxes, etc. If we can "break even" after only 2 years of living here, and get our house sold in a reasonable amount of time, I will feel fortunate. I hope it is a good sign, and not just false hope, that we had a looker already. We've also noticed several people driving by very slowly, even stopping and staring, so there is at least some interest.

My last day of work will be September 28, then my friends, Bret & Megan, are getting married October 6, so we plan to be in Laramie by mid-October. I can't wait. Of course, by then, the weather will be pleasant here, there will be a good crop of hot peppers in the garden, and it will be hard to leave our nice (and clean) house, but it will be worth it.

I think that's it....


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