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Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Damn the the media and their liberal biases.


Tuesday, May 04, 2004


So, I'm reading The Castle now (Kafka). Man. That is a FUNNY book. How come nobody ever told me what a funny book it is?

Actually, that is one of about 7 books I'm currently reading. I have a bad habit of doing that. In addition to The Castle, I'm also reading Alexander Von Humboldt, a biography by Kellner, The Stranger, en francais, by Camus, Guns, Germs, and Steel, by Jared Diamond, Archaeology as Human Ecology, by Butzer, and The Medicine Bows (Thybony et al.). Of course, there's my two long-term commitments: Confessions of a Barbarian (the journals of Edward Abbey), and A Vagabond for Beauty (the journals, letters, and biography of Everett Ruess). The biggest trouble I'm having keeping things straight is between Kafka and Von Humboldt - Keep forgetting which one is from Berlin and which one is from Prague.


Secondly, let it be known that I appreciate port. As in the dessert wine. Six Grapes is an OK brand, by the way. Unless you feel like shelling out $35 bucks/fifth or more, then go with something fancy, that's aged for 10 years. Six Grapes is not aged at all - they just take the stuff that seems pretty good right away, apparently. And that's OK with me, as long as they charge under $20/bottle for it.


OK. the band-that-I-forgot-how-much-ass-they-kicked-of-the-day award goes to:

The Descendents

Man. I forgot how much ass they kicked, until I heard their song on Rock Against Bush, Vol. 1. Then I went back and listened to Everything Sucks again. Man. That's a great album.

Bennet: Is "I'm the One" a cover, or is it just one of those songs that's so great it seems like someone else must have already written it a long time ago? For awhile, when I first got that album, I thought "When I Get Old" was a cover, then I realized it was an original song, but following very closely the theme and tone of The Beach Boys' "When I Grow Up." Duh.


The word of the day is 'jugglery.' I came across that word when I was looking up 'jole,' which was a misspelling of 'joke' by Bennet. Anyway, jole was kind of a word one time, but that's not the point. The point is that 'jugglery' is an awesome word. It sounds like you are surreptitiously talking about boobies, but really it just means the practice of juggling. Still, I think I'm going to use it in the former way from now on.


Today was a pretty good day. Probably an 8, on a scale of 1 to 10.


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