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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


OK. Just got back from vacation. Spent about a week and a half tooling around Wyoming. Started by camping near the Medicine bows, then visiting our friend Bob in Saratoga, where he took us trout fishing and stuff. Then went out west to the area some call the Red Desert. Basically, it encompasses a big area surrounding the Great Divide Basin, with Rock Springs on the west, Lander on the North, Rawlins on the east, and Coloraddy on the south. Crazy places. Sweetwater Canyon, Oregon Buttes, Jack Morrow Hills, The Pinnacles, Honeycomb Buttes, Killpecker Dunes, Boars Tusk, Kinney Rim, Adobetown. Some were more than 50 miles from the nearest town, and close to that from any paved roads. Honeycomb Buttes and Adobetown were amazing. Weird erosional features and stuff. I will post some pictures as I get time - hopefully with a quicker turnaround than the Europe photo posting.

For now, here is a sampling:

Sitting on my bum at Killpecker Dunes, with Boars Tusk in the background..

Sunset over sagebrush-juniper scrubland near Flaming Gorge

Sunset over Meeboer Lake, in the Laramie Basin

Indian Paintbrush, near Flaming Gorge

The Red Valley, south of Lander

Me & the dog (Fargo) at one of many cool sandstone features at Honeycomb Buttes

Obligatory bleached skeleton picture in the deserts of Adobetown

Interesting formation in Adobetown (those spires are about 75' high)

More photos, and details, to follow..


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