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Wednesday, June 16, 2004


I think that by now it's widely known that my favorite semi-affordable whisky (and/or whiskey) is George Dickel's #12. And Dickel's #8 ain't bad - best whisky value..

But the liquor store (read: "Safeway") had Gentleman Jack on sale for like 18 bucks last week. It's a little different recipe than plain Jack Daniel's, apparently, and it is charcoal mellowed twice, once before aging, once after. So the charcoal mellowing process, for those who haven't been to the distillery (or any whisky distillery), involves drizzling the distilled whiskey through enormous, tall casks full of crushed hickory charcoal. This is part of what gives it the darker color (along with aging it in charred barrels). It also mellows it out. Without this process, whisky would be moonshine. Essentially.

So the moral of the story is, Gentleman Jack may be my new favorite slightly-less-affordable-than-Dickel's-#12-whisky. Nice bouquet - flowery even, mellow, smooth..

Let it be known that I appreciate a good whisky as much as any man alive.

Gotta learn distilling. Except for that whole federal offense thing. The ATF needs to lighten the hell up.


Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Luckily, I spent most of the last week or 2 up in the mountains, sans radio, sans news service, so I missed most of the Reagan tributes (I heard about them, though). Well, with all due respect (about .01 units of respect are due), I'm sure glad they finally got his ass stuck in the ground - now let's just get over it.

As G-Had pointed out, my recollection (as a 3-11 year old kid) of Reagan's time in office may be suspect, at least my firsthand recollection, but I do remember that the 80's were not much of a happy time for most Americans, no matter what the media now says about how happy he made us to be Americans. And I know enough about what happened during his administration to know that he was either inept to the point of criminality, or just that crooked. That much is obvious.

It's not that I'm 'gleeful' over his death - he's been pretty harmless, since his presidency ended - but c'mon. The best president since Truman? (!) Hardly. I wouldn't even give him the best since Carter!

So anyway, I say pile the dirt on, stick some silk flowers above him, raise up the flags, and get on with it.

I think the most insightful headline during this whole deal was from The Onion:

Reagan's Body Dies

Because seriously...at this point, a funeral was only a formality.

Mt. Rushmore my ass.



So why is it that Blogger, a free service, has way better tech support than that for any software I've ever bought and paid for? I emailed their tech support to tell them comments wouldn't work right on my blog, and dude emails back a few days later and is all.."OK. Fixed it man..Good to go.."

It's cool to get personalized, premium help for a service for which I'm paying zilch.

Yay Blogger!


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