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Friday, October 21, 2005


I wonder what the history of the salary system is.. I wonder if it was initially designed as a way to exploit workers for more hours than standard without having to pay overtime, or if has just evolved to be that...

I think there should be requirements about how people advertise salaries. Here's what I think: I think that if the hours required of someone will be more like 50 or 60 hours a week, the advertised salary should be modified to reflect that. For example, if the salary they are going to pay is 40,000, but you will be expected to work 55 hours per week (not at all uncommon for professional positions, it seems), then the salary they advertise should be adjusted using a ratio of the expected hours to the "standard" 40 hours, so the salary they advertise would have to be $29,090. I think that would be a more realistic picture. I'd rather work 40 hours per week for 35,000 than 55 hours for 40,000, wouldn't you?


Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Last night, after putting Fargo to bed, I started reading Galapagos, by Kurt Vonnegut. Man. Whoever referred to him as a "postmodern Mark Twain" was spot-on. I wish I could write like Kurt Vonnegut. He certainly must be the greatest author alive. I say "must be" because I haven't read everything, but I certainly haven't read anyone better.

One might only wish such a brilliant author was as prolific as so many non-brilliant authors (such as, for instance, Mary Faulkner - not that I've actually read any of her 904 novels, but I'm sure they're about as well written as the humorous instruction manuals that accompany cheap items made in China).

Certainly, he has been productive, but I'm afraid his 17-some novels aren't enough to hold me for more than another 5 years or so. Sure, there are lots of non-fiction pieces, and short stories, but the novel is where he really shines. His essays are a whole other beast. Kind of like a hippo. Powerful, impressive, but comical.

OK. I didn't really have anything to say. If you have never read Vonnegut, then get with it.


Monday, October 17, 2005


Hey. We got a dog. This is him:

His name is Fargo, and he is awesome. He never barks, except when the dumb growly neighbor's dumb growly dog barked at him, and then he barked once. One bark. Otherwise, he's just a totally mellow guy, who follows you around and wants to know if you're doing anything interesting. He's good at entertaining himself though. He weighs 53 pounds, which is pretty skinny for a dog of his height. We're going to fatten him up some. Today had a lot of firsts for him - first time "off the reservation," (i.e. the pound), first time in a car, first time in a house, first time in a kennel, etc. He was a little nervous getting in the truck, a little nervous on the ride, a little nervous going up and down our deck stairs (they are pretty steep, and a little spooky in the dark), but he did really well. We got him a crate, so that it's easy to housebreak him and stuff, but I doubt if he'll even need to be in it much, since he's so well behaved.

Also, note my receding hairline in the first picture. I'm 28. All my body parts seem to function just fine. I like to take naps, and my hair is falling out. Fine.


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