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Tuesday, December 23, 2003


There's something wrong about a person maintaining and posting to a blog for the benefit of like one person.

At least it gives me a place to gripe about Lord of the Rings. I think Gandalph is some sort of 3rd rate scam artist (if you're about to correct me because I spelled Gandalph wrong...just don't...ok? dork). I mean, they make such a deal about what a great wizard he is, but pretty much what we've seen of his powers in the movies is that he can make fireworks. But it's not even like he generates them from thin air or anything. They're just the standard, Black Cat fountains and crap..(remember when those two annoying hobbits find the stash, and set them off??) So then in the big battles, does he bust out his magic wizard beams??? Does he teleport himself a safe distance away and then utter some sweet spell that will knock out hordes of orcs? NO! He goes around whacking dudes on the head with his staff. LAME! What kind of stupid wizard does that?

I would also like to go on record as saying that I'm a big fan of Japanese television and car manufacturers pumping millions of dollars into ridiculous, useless, humanoid robots that run and do dances and stuff. But, seriously, call me back when they're more like the Terminator. I mean, that thing ran like less than 50 feet in over a minute. But yeah.. its humorous..so I'm a big supporter. The more useless, the better.



Does anyone have any experience with those futuristic-looking CD scratch buffer outers? I seem to have skippy CDs lately. Gives me the blues.

Does anyone know of any websites that have postings for GIS jobs? I want to go work in Sweden for awhile.



Appears that comments are squirl'n again. Perhaps they just got reset. Man, if I actually paid for anything on the internet, I would be disappointed about the fact that stuff is always breaking and things..

A found haiku poem, composed directly from the subjects of the last 4 emails to enter my Bulk directory:


great feeling, get it
up! lose it, girl. girl! action!
lesbian admin.

Not bad.


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