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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Uh............I'm really hoping that this is just an error on Yahoo's part (click to enlarge, if you can't read it):

Then again, as well as we've been doing with getting help for Katrina victims, it's probably about right....


Tuesday, September 06, 2005


[says Celine Dion] (you either saw it or you didn't)


Who remembers what rock'n'roll is? Answer: Conner does. Who the crap is Conner, you ask? Conner is a Lawrence-based band (though they play shows all over the U.S.) that includes a guy I went to high school with, Phil Bonahoom. He's the bassist. As I recall, he also played electric bass guitar in high school pep band, which ought to hint at how cool he is. He's also the brother of a guy who was one of my closest friends throughout junior high and high school, Nick. Anyway, man, they kicked ass. I liked them much better than the 2 acts that followed them. Much better. For a preview of their music, go to their website.

With most local bands, there is typically one of two situations: 1) you can point at one guy and say, "that's the guy that makes the band; or 2) you can point at one guy and say, "that's the guy who is holding them back." You really can't say either about Conner, as far as I'm concerned. In particular, their drummer kicks ass all over the place, and their guitarist is awfully good, but of course, so is Phil, and so is their lead singer. Conner is also one of those bands that is better live than on album, even though the recordings I've heard are also pretty doggone good.

Um. So where else was I going with this. Dunno. Oh..after they finished playing, I talked a little with Phil, and gave him my number, so he could pass it along to Nick, whom I haven't talked to since about 1998 or so. Well, he did, and Nick called me the next day. That was awesome, and it made my day. He doesn't live far away from me, so I'm hoping to hang out with him at some point.

Oh. I also saw this dude, Alex, who was in my Boy Scout troop, and was the original drummer in Conner. He lives in Boston, or something. I was walking into the show as he was heading outside to smoke or something, and it startled me so much that I hugged him. That was weird, since I seldom just go around hugging dudes. I had some beer, so maybe that helps explain it. Anyway, it was more awkward still, because he didn't really remember who I was. Might be some drug-induced brain damage issues. Then again, I'm 'different' in that I remember pretty much everybody I've ever met, even if I barely knew them.

Oh. Also, PBR was $1.50/can, so Jen and I ended up staying over at our friends' house in Lawrence, rather than driving back to Eudora. I rode Robin's bike home, which was sort of awesome, because she is really short, and I felt like a big giant riding home with my knees kicking up to ear level. Also, PBR had been 1.50/can, which made it even more humorous.

Lessee. Oh. This is a drag (skip ahead if you're in a decent mood and don't want to be made sad). My grandma was diagnosed with cancer like 7 years ago, and the doctors gave her like 3 months to live. She has been fighting it since. She is one tough lady. But, she's finally decided to go off chemo, because the cancer is winning. Cancer is an asshole. So she is pretty sick - nauseous, weak, and losing weight. The outlook is pretty bleak. I went to see her this past weekend, and it was pretty hard. She's always been the type who runs around fixing 10 times too much food for everyone, and working way harder than everyone else, even until relatively recently when she was having chemo treatments and stuff. But this time, she pretty much just slept, and ate a tiny bit of food now and again. Anyway. Sucks a real lot.

So if our neighbors don't think we're weird for using a "Happy Days" era, reel mower, they surely think we're insane when they see our "weed wacker." That's because our weed wacker is a crazy contraption my grandparents gave us, and is pretty much just a pair of scissors on a stick. You squeeze a handle at the top to make the blades close. It took me about 15 minutes just to trim back the long grass that was hanging over onto our driveway, which is only about 25 feet long to begin with. It's okay though; what's time to a zen buddhist?

OK. That's all. For real.


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