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Sunday, January 18, 2004


OK, this is why I am opposed to Fake President Bush's proposed Mars mission. We're getting rid of proven, outstanding scientific equipment all for the benefit of a TV show (which is what manned space flight gives us) and a few hundred thousand sci-fi votes for Bush. And guess what else...we're not going to go. Oh, we might make it back to the moon. And then we'll get more obnoxious movies of astronauts hitting golf balls and jumping in slow motion..but Mars is a way tougher goal. And more importantly, way more expensive. So, Hubble will come crashing down in a few years, and we will still never make it to Mars. See, Bush isn't good at math. Remember? So even though he says we can afford it, there is just no fucking way.

We learned more from Hubble than any other space endeavor thusfar. BBC called it "one of the most productive scientific instruments of all time." And now it will be abandoned for no good purpose other than to make pretenses at flying to Mars. Which won't happen anytime soon. Sure, they say it's not because of Bush's sudden interest in Mars (a pre-emptive attack?), but they ain't foolin' me.


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