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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


God. NASA sucks lately. They're grounding the space shuttle fleet?!? Like we were going to launch another one, just out of the blue, while we already had one in orbit...? How do you ground something that's already in outer space?! It makes our whole space program seem like it hinges on the integrity of a piece of beer-cooler quality styrofoam.

In other news...they finally changed the Yahoo Mail homepage. Bout frickin' time. The previous thing looked like something I could have come up with for twelve bucks and a half hour's work. I'm not sure what I mean by that.

I need to stop blogging after having a few beers. I'm no longer the expert I once was, and 2 beers pretty much makes me feel more or less kersmashed these days.

I think I forgot to share this precious story the other day:

Amputee happy to be reunited with foot.


Blogging while drunk is the only way to do it, in my experience.
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